Undue AC Failures

  • In Sri Lanka both EV and ICE undergo premature AC repairs.
  • This will be an expensive repair, in most cases.
  • Evaporator coil to last long, as much as the life of the compressor, but it’s not happening, costs are big!
  • In the case of Nissan Leaf the job is even more extensive as its needing the removal of entire instrument cluster / dashboard.
  • Seems we missed few important points to follow in tropics.

The manufacturer wouldn’t have mandated the removal of the instrument cluster to replace the Evaporator coil if they ever expected such a replacement.

As almost everyone in the automobile industry is saying, the future is electric. Like IC engine-powered cars, electric cars have ACs too, but instead of using an engine to power the compressor, they use electricity.


EVs use a compressor that is “similar to the one in a domestic fridge,”. It sits at the front of the car and draws power from the car’s battery pack. The compressor, pushes the refrigerant through the chilling unit and cools the air before reaching the AC vent.

Here are some key points you may follow in using the AC system in a high humid country.​

  • We do many bad things which is detrimental to the evaporator.
  • ​Don’t use poor and fake ​cabin filters and change it as​ and when​ required.
  • Another blunder, improper fitting of the cabin filter. It’s a tricky mechanism and may tend to bend the filter if not done professionally. S o the air may bypass the filter, leaving or clogging the evaporator.
  • ​Do not use additional floor mats​. Most of these are not suitable for the cars without the static effect.
  • Rubber Mats are the worst. Even 3M type mats are not good.
  • ​Not to use fabric seat covers which is again bad.
  • ​Use the Air Conditioner all the time in recirculating mode
  • Precautionary measure, run the blower fast before 5 minutes you stop the car in the evening.
  • Ensure that you system runs on the correct refrigerant pressure, this to be checked during the scheduled maintenance.

​Premature replacements of condenser or other components are not a problem of the car it is purely a problem of the usage​.

Remember, Evaporator coil to last long as much as the life of the compressor, let’s make it happen avoiding heavy replacement costs!

Let’s take action on all above malpractices.Remember, we always say prevention is better than cure!