Serving EV

Unlike repairing ICE vehicles, what needs to be repaired is very different in today’s electric vehicles.

Mechanical issues do happen with EVs, but they’re relatively rare because there are so few moving parts. If something goes wrong, it’s more often going to be an electronic concern. In the workshop, there aren’t oil stains on the ground or smells, but there are oscilloscopes, diagnostic tools, laptops, and a variety of electronic tools that you typically wouldn’t see at the local garage.

The future will be even more sophisticated.

The skills needed are also quite different. Auto repair shops will always need people to turn a wrench like they do today. But EV repair shops will need people with a lot more skill in electronics.

In Sri Lanka, there are about 4,500 EVs, 90% of which are Nissan Leafs. Most of these are out of warranty excluding the Hyundai Kona and the MG eZS can late 2019 upwards.

GoEV – Sri Lanka

The local needs are not so different. The initial fleet is aging now, going beyond 10 years of age. Needing multiple assistance, major on electrical and electronic repairs. Then come the mechanical issues for not being attended for years, for not needing to change the engine oil what we are used to.

GoEV attends to all-electric cars with alliances and affiliations to both global and local specialized repair facilities. Repairing EV s are more of a movable computer, soon becoming a robot with the upcoming autonomy, etc.

We are not will all that the world has got, but getting there passionately and steadily.

More importantly, we already cater to the majority of the local EV fraternity with 99% customer satisfaction which is an impossible task to achieve in a service business. This is based on internal surveys and customer accolades on public forums.

GoEV Services

  • Preventive and Scheduled services
  • EV Battery repairs, replacement and upgrades
  • EV Repairs and maintenance
  • EV Parts impportation and sales
  • Evaluations, Valuation reports.
  • Usage/mobility need analysis.
  • Electric Vehicle Importation
  • Global warrenty services
  • EV Hire / contract hire
  • Charging network mainttenance
  • EV modifications
  • Conttract communications with global representatives
  • Corporate consultancy services

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