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Mobility Alliance (Pvt) Limited is humbled to introduce ourselves as the most respected and recognized Electric Vehicle service provider in Sri Lanka, covering the whole EV Ecosystem. Our approaches are Innovative, Unique, Cost Effective, and Result Oriented.

Above are our business and social avenues toward sustainability.

The Beginning!

Mobility Alliance (Pvt) Limited was established to push the electrification of the local fleet. Sujeeva Premaratne, Lead Strategist/CEO was working for Auto franchises and founded the company after realizing the best for the Country, Economy, and Environment. Mobility Alliance is liaising with all the Government agencies regarding the needy Policy and Statuary changes towards the Sustainability of Mobility.

Furthermore, Mobility Alliance is closely associating with and assisting the EV Club of Sri Lanka on its mission to facilitate the EV transition and the betterment of the EV fraternity.

Atop the lackluster policies, with the back-to-back issues, the country was facing (Political unrest, Easter attacks, Covid 19, Economic crisis, etc) the business had been through tough times, yet growing steadily!

Our Core Values


What We Do!

Today Mobility Alliance actively participates in the following business lines.

  • Electric Vehicle Service provider/workshop (The only dedicated in Colombo).
  • Electric vehicle importer and reseller (The only EV-specialized reseller).
  • EV HV traction battery importer and installer.
  • EV and EV Battery Warranty Services Provider
  • Corporate consultancy services provider on mobility/transport management
  • New and Used EV spare parts importer.
  • eBike importer, reseller, and service provider.
  • Corporate consultancy on Mobility and Transport Management
  • Advocacy, liaising with the government on sustainable mobility and energy shift.
  • EV ecosystem resource developer, training, and consultancy.
  • Social activism on EV, Mobility Transition, Energy shift, Micromobility & Renewables.
eMotion Electric Vehicle Service Center meeting Global Standards

The Top Players

Mobility Alliance is an equal opportunity employer and operates on a lean structure. All the employees are empowered to make decisions beyond the role to meet augmented customer service and business objectives.

Sujeeva PremaratneSanji WeerasingheMilesh PereraDinera Premaratne
Leads Strategy. Transformation Champion. Formerly at Ford, Toyota, Volvo, Jaguar, LR, Suzuki, & Daihatsu Franchises.Leads Marketing.
A Sales and People Passionate.
EX Sales Manager BMW Franchise
Prestige Automobile Ltd.
Leads Operations & Customer Experience 
Qualified Marketeer, Formerly at Kangaroo Cabs. Manage Operations
Leads ICT, Systems.
IoT, Development, and CAN-BUS Systems Diagnostics.
Software Engineer.
Formerly at MAS Legato.

Traction & Core Competencies

  • Highly renowned and most respected EV service provider in Sri Lanka since 2014. 
  • Imported and sold the highest number of latter generation EVs in Sri Lanka during the years 2017/18/19, prior to the import ban, including the only Tesla Model 3 in the country.
  • Reputable business leadership with a prime customer base of over 2,500, connected and known to almost all the EV owners in the country, with no advertising, by word of mouth.
  • Passion for innovation, ability to learn, and continuous development.
  • Customer service champions and well-earned customer satisfaction levels.
  • A fast-paced, fast-changing, and fast-adopting company. 
  • Expertise in technician training for technical staff.
  • Systems and process-driven management, following lean management principles.
  • Top management experience of over 30 years with global brands including Toyota, Ford, Caterpillar, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Daihatsu, Volvo, and Suzuki. 
  • Ability to swift decision-making and deployment in a fast pace trade.
  • Lobbying and influencing power with government agencies for sustainable mobility.

Mobility Alliance has already fuelled and facilitated the EV transition in Sri Lanka. We are proud to say that we are the highest-acclaimed EV service provider in Sri Lanka!

Vision for Future

We nurture innovation in Energy and Mobility sphere. There are many ongoing and futuristic projects in the cards across the whole EV ecosystem. Mobility Alliance would like to introduce ourselves as a social entrepreneur in the sustainable mobility sphere, our arms are wide open to collaborating with society and trade in making a better country, and a better world.

Our Mission is to Be a Champion of the Energy and the Mobility Shift in Sri Lanka and Beyond.

We do Business with Passion ~ whilst trying to make every act a CSR!

~ Sujeeva Premaratne, Lead Consultant of Mobility Alliance

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