Leaf ~ UK vs JDM

ඔබත් නිසාන් ලීෆ් විදුලි රථයක් ගන්න අදහස් කරනවානම් ප්‍රධාන තේරීම් දෙකක් තියනවා. ඒ JDM සහ UK විදියට. මේ වඩා හොඳ ජපන් ඩොමෙස්ටික් (JDM) මාදිලියද නැත්නම් UK ද කියන එකට වඩා ඔබට වඩාත් ගැලපෙන්නේ මොකද්ද කියන එක තීරණය කරගන්න උදව්වක්.

Here is our answer to a one who wanted to make a purchase decision between three choices, ZE1 UK, JDM and AZEO. …His daily travel need is from Negombo to Colombo which is beyond average.

The average daily driving distance in Sri Lanka is limited to just 22 kms.

There are a few differences between the UK and Japan. What’s visible at once is the IC and head unit language is in English in the UK. But even the Japanese version controls will have English labeling except for four buttons, which you will get used to.

Change of the language has not been reliably done as of now, but will be possible sooner or later.

The UK will have a 6.6 kW on-board charger where the JDM will be only half of that. This will be an advantage if you decide to buy a L2 wall mount in addition to the travel charger supplied.

The JDM is having comfortable and high quality fabric seating, where the leather (artificial) of the UK may not be the ideal in the tropics. Some UK specs are with fabrics, advisable if you are adamant on UK.

The Bose branded audio with the subwoofer of UK gives a premium feel and experience, still the JDM sounds are not bad at all. SW disturbs the boot a bit though.

Purchasing & Financing

Even at buying, Japanese auction system is a much more reliable one than the varying UK methodologies.

And there is a price difference of over half a million, which is not justifiable with the extras you get for many. Eg. Similar specked G from Japan will be 5.4 and a Tekna may exceed 6M.

Furthermore, this difference will not be visible at the point of selling. Resale value matters.

Range in the city is circa 250 kms for both, you may get 300 on road trips if you are a good and sensible driver.

Do not charge at home fully, just do what you need for the next day. Cost depends of your tariff and solar.

Your travel is anyway within 100 kms a day, you can buy a very good 2014 (or even 2013) Leaf with no battery replacement needed for another year or more, fulfilling your need for long.

Don’t fall for cheap with the idea of replacing the battery, if the current range doesn’t meet your needs for another year. Buy a one which meets your daily commute + 20%.

Trim comparison – 2012 – 2015 Gen 2

S / VisiaX / AcentaG / Tekna
Charge timerYYY
Climate timer Y Y Y
Heated seats/steering wheel Y Y Y
Electric folding mirrors Y Y Y
Bluetooth audio, handsfree Y Y
Reverse cameraOptionOption Y
CHAdeMO fast chargerOption*Y Y
Fog lightsOptionOptionY
B mode Y Y
Heat pump Y Y
Cruise controlY Y
LED low beam headlightsOption Y
Alloys16″ 17″
Auto headlight on/offOption Y
Parcel trayOption Y
Spoiler solar panel Y
Bose 7 speaker audioOption
360 surround camera systemOption
May vary subject to specific production lots

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