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Parts Inventory Management

When it comes to vehicles, there are a lot of working parts. Auto parts sales or auto service & repair businesses need to stay organized when a customer approaches for business.

වෙනත් ඕනෑම තොග පාලනයකින් වාහන අමතර කොටස් පරිපාලනය වෙනස්වෙන අවස්ථා කීපයක්ම තියනවා. ඉන් වඩාත් වැදගත් දෙයක් තමයි ලංකාවේ පාවිච්චිකළ අමතර කොටස් බහුලව භාවිත වීම. එමෙන්ම මේ අමතර කොටස් අලෙවියේදී නැවත කොටස් වලට වෙන්වීම. එමෙන්ම ඇතැම් කොටස් වල වයස තත්වය ආදිය අනුව මිල වෙනස්වීම, එකම කොටස වුනත්. මේ තත්ත්ව ආනයන, අලෙවි ආයතන මෙන්ම ගරාජ වලටත් බලපානවා.

With so many parts to keep track of in the common car, truck, or other autos, it is imperative that you have a functioning auto parts management system in place. This will ensure that your customers always get what they need when they visit your store as well as that you provide the right part/s.

Main Advantages and Benefits

  • Change of any data can be visible
  • User registration and limited access
  • Report generating at a fingertip
  • Transparency in all transactions
  • Can mark the location and track, find at once

With all this in mind, it must be mentioned that having an auto parts management system is just the beginning: parts organization is what will make the whole operation run smoothly and efficiently for you and your customers.

We know the need, but?


But why some Sri Lankan shops wont go for?

  • Software is costly, especially when its custom made
  • Small companies cannot afford what big boys do
  • Hardware like servers, PCs, monitors, cabling, etc are costly
  • Need special manpower to manage
  • Parts are sometimes getting dismantled and sold in pieces
  • No flexibility in some systems
  • Often linked with accounting systems, but feared of such
  • Not being able to run separate accounting
  • Special skills and training needed


Deploying a cost-effective, user-friendly, tested, and proven inventory control system. Following needs to the key attributes of such, for a small organization.

  • No/limited initial or monthly fees on the product.
  • Accessibility from anywhere in the world.
  • User-friendly/mobile friendly in dealing with less IT savvy staff.
  • No special hardware/limited hardware requirement.
  • Easy commissioning.
  • A flexible number of users, Unlimited items.
  • Differing access and authority levels

මෙවන් තොග පාලන ක්‍රමවේදයක් ඉතා කෙටි කලකදී භාවිතයේ යොදවන්න පුළුවන්, දල වශයෙන් සතියක් තුල හෝ ඊටත් ඉක්මනින් ආයතනයේ පරිමාණය අනුව.

Indicative terms/costs……

There are many local/overseas suppliers offering varying systems in Sri Lanka. Here are the costs of such a system, where Mobility Alliance may assist to commission for a small business.

  • Need analysis, operations & process audit, reporting – LKR 10,000.
  • Solution demonstration – FOC
  • Stock count planning and guidance – FOC
  • Deploying the system and training the staff (approx 2 days) – LKR 30,000
  • Reordering, Racking and Labeling guidance – FOC
  • Hardware requirement – Nil
  • Monthly fees for software – Nil
  • Followup onsite visit – LKR 5,000

Our services doesn’t end their, as and when needed we may develop the complete SOP (Standard Operating Procedures, KPI (Key performance indexes), Monitoring systems, and comprehensive business plans for institutions and corporations of any scale.

Please inquire +94 777 007 139 or

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