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Hire & Own!

Think of having an EV, but concerned of;

  • Dealing with the charging needs and range?
  • Whether the range is sufficient to daily needs?
  • Is the Car and the Range reliable?
  • Need to know of electricity cost for a month?
  • Whether it gives the expected economy?
  • You are used to large and luxury cars?
  • To know of the power and comfort of EV?

Now we have a solution.

  1. Select an EV of your choice and rental period.
  2. Duly sign the documents required and the agreement.
  3. Pay the deposit of 1 month + 1 rental for the period.
  4. Collect the EV with due insurance and other docs required
  5. Enjoy the drive for 7 days for FREE! (if you are buying the same)

So you are just about to complete the trial period of 7 days or even before you start liking the EV. Or otherwise.

What next?

  • You simply like the EV. Pay the balance (by way of a lease facility or cash), complete the documentation, and drive away. If you decide to buy the EV within 7 days the total amount paid as the rental will be waived off. If the lease takes additional time beyond the first 7 days you will be required to pay a finance cost for the number of extra days.
  • You like the excellent drive, performance, and economy but you want more range. Select another unit or battery (by paying the applicable difference of the rental). If the newly chosen car/battery meets your needs, still you will be able to OWN with NO extra fee if decided within 7 days.
  • You don’t like any of the available EVs but liked the irresistible drive. We may source another EV for you or we will assist you to get a higher capacity Battery.
  • It’s just a short-term need. Simply return the EV and we reimburse you the deposit less any deductions on extra usage and/or any other.
  • You need not own, but you need the same or different EV to continue on hire. We are prepared to meet with your needs subject to the availability of fitting EV s.

Its no only you enjoy the power, pleasure and confort of the EVs, he huge cost benefit too.

Compare this with hiring a similar Sedan to drive 1,500 km a month (50 km a day). You will be spending about LKR 50 rupees per KM on fuel. This is a total of LKR 75,000 a month. And the hire costs from LKR 75K to 100K. This totals a minimum of LKR 150,000.

If you hire an EV capable of running 50 km a day you will only be paying only LKR 100,000 + charging (approx LKR 5 per Km) LKR 7,500.

So you save LKR 42,500 a month, with better comfort, space, and power + the convenience of refueling at home.

Hire an EV for a year, you will be saving over LKR 500,000 a year* (subject to usage and economic factors)

Fee plan for pre-2017 EV – the rate in LKR

EV RangePer Day Per WeekPer Month
50 km10,00040,000100,000
75 km12,50062,500150,000
100 km15,00075,000200,000
150 km20,000100,000250,000
250 km 25,000125,000300,000
Sample only for 5 Door Hatchback (Nissan Leaf ZE0, AZE0 or Similar).
New model ZE1 (2018 up) can be supplied subject to availability on 250+ km requirements.
Subject to change upon the Type, Grade, Year of EV, and availability.
The range indicated will be the maximum upon a reasonable expectation of efficiency i.e. 8 km/kW under the WLTP cycle. Subject to vary upon individual driving patterns and environment.
Please inquire about EVs made after 2017 and any other type of EVs.
We reserve the right of canceling the hire and/or contract at any stage of the transaction.

Please inquire about long-term contracts for over 3 months, on special pricing schemes.

Terms of hire

  • You need to have your original ID and Driving license in possession. Please bring in copies.
  • A fee equivalent to one month of hire is to be payable as a security deposit. To be released at the point of return.
  • A one-time registration fee will be levied for LKR 1,000 per user, regardless of the duration of hire.
  • Please like our FB page ( ), and also send us your FB / LinkedIn profile link.
  • The rates indicated are for 24 hour period, which ends the next day at 17.00 hrs.
  • EV s will be fully charged for their 100% capacity at the point of issuance. You may return at any charging status (need not recharge and return)
  • You need to sign the printed agreement at the point of collection.
  • Your photograph will be taken for verification purposes.

During usage

  • All incidents and accidents are to be reported to us during usage.
  • All collisions, accidents, and damages are to be reported to the relevant insurance company. If the insurance company registration paper is not provided at the point of return, the user, the hirer is liable to reimburse the cost of the repair.
  • If any indicator light or technical issue arises you need to inform us immediately.
  • No compensation will be paid on a breakdown, loss of trips, additional trip costs, etc in any form.
  • The user/hirer is not allowed to do any service, repair, or modification to EVs.
  • GoEV reserves to right to end the hire and recall the car at any point with no replacement car. But we will be reasonable at all times.

Post-2017 and New EVs

Corporate / fleet inquiries – email or dial +94 777 007 139