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Transport / Fleet Audit

Yours can be an organization that needs transportation as a need ( Cost center) or transportation is the core business ( Profit center). Transport / Fleet audits will be a great eye-opener to know the status quo, to know whether theirs any action needed.

Transport / Fleet audits are applicable to all types of fleet, including Machinery, Public Transport, Immovables like Generators, etc. Simply said, any equipment which has its own power and needs maintenance can be greatly benefitted by including in an audit.

What is Transport Audit?

Audit, noun, is an official inspection of an organization’s numbers, typically by an independent body. Transport  Audit supports you to ensure your operation and processes are compliant and exceed the commitment. The audits are completely confidential and are backed by an NDA to our clients.

The process is there to help ensure that your way of doing things meet the necessary systems and processes, towards operational excellence and profitability.

Starting from audits, Mobility Alliance provides a wide range of consultancy services for the execution of all kinds of mobility-related services, minimizing costs whilst optimizing the operations to add high value for the companies who are having transport needs and for fleet owners.

The audit is a key element, to decide for the future in minimizing its transportation costs and optimizing mobility and profitability…….and it will be a great eye-opener to decide future action!

Reach us on +94 777 007 139 to know how a Transport Audit would help you manage and grow your business better!

Beyond Transport Audits;

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