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Bicycle Touring 🇱🇰

Touring, Trips, Expeditions, and Vacations!

Time for a Bicycle adventure! From mountain biking to road cycling, a Biking trip invites you to experience a whole new world.

Sri Lanka is an Island full of friendly people with heavily varying bio and social diversity. Every kilometer can be different in most parts of the island. Cars, Tourin g busses, & Rail to some extent are good to know her, but not to know it all!

Take a bike, you will know Sri Lanka’s offer differs from most parts of the world. We ride bicycles to our work and utility, as our prime mode of mobility.

Still…….Bicycle touring is different in the tropics, especially at the equator though. Varying terrains and conditions of Sri Lanka, from GRAVEL to PAVED, UPS, FLATS and DOWNS, SUNNY to RAINY, WINDY to SWEATY, and HOT to HUMID are all challenges, yet exciting and very well manageable.

Ride an eBike!

Burn the calories with all the fun and benefits of bicycling! Not only, we are gearing to make your tour 100% sustainable from Airport to Airport. Our fleet is complete with eBikes, Electric cars, Electric scooters, and kickscooters as well.

It is highly exciting to Pedal through the Paddy fields, Tea plantations, Vibrant cities, Historic Sites, Rustic Villages, Cool Central hills, Refreshing Sea Breeze, Tourist Hotspots, and Environmental Miracles. En route, you will enjoy the Local cuisine, Livelihoods, and Learn the Local way of life.

What’s most exciting is you will feel no tiredness or stress. You will maneuver all terrains including hills same as you ride on the paved flat roads. No better blend sans eBikes to enjoy the Tropical Paradise!

Why eMotion is different?

  • Not only eBikes, even non-motorized Road, Hybrid & MTBs are available with us. You will be deciding what you will ride, based on the situation.
  • Our guests, crew, and backup transportation will be NON-FOSSIL FUEL powered.
  • Book your specific bike, based on your height, weight, terrain, etc. Not only, we also have baby-carrying eBikes as well. And our bikes are complying with global standards. Visit our fleet in advance, and reserve yours.
  • Travel sustainably, we can make your trip 100% eco-friendly, from the Airport Pick to Drop.

Our offerings

eMotion can cater to varying needs from à la carte tours to customized tours based on your needs.

  • Packaged Tours: Well-defined, pre-planned tours. Still, you may have your choice of hotels (if not a group tour)
  • à la carte: Tell us your needs and wants, and we will do the drafting in meeting your needs.
  • BYOB: Bring your own Bike, for a specific experience. We facilitate it all including the planning, bookings, guidance, local transportation, etc etc.

e-Bike Tour Menu

Serving the varying needs eMotion offers varying trips from daily excursions to multiple-day tours around the country.

DAYSCity HistoryTea TrailsCoastalVillageJungle
11. Vibrant Colombo
2. Historic and Scenic Kotte
1. Anuradhapura
2. Polonnaruwa
3. Galle
1. Kandy
2. Nuwara Eliya
1. Southern
2. Western
3. Eastern
1. Meepe
2. Ella
2 to 3Colombo and Kotte. Rich history, Waterways to the buzzing city life Trinco tourColombo Waga Colombo (Train included)Eli Hatha, Awissawella
4 to 5Anuradhapura & Polonnaruwa. Including a ride in betweenColombo Kithulgala (Bus) Rafting, Biking to Colombo
6 to 7 daysAnuradhapura, Polonnaruwa & SigiriyaColombo – Ella – Bandarawela – Colombo (Train included)

Difficulty Level & Age Groups

The tours will be on e-Bikes so the difficulty level will be Low to Medium. The tours are advisable to personnel from 16 to 90 subject to the rider’s health conditions. The number of days may be affected based on your physical condition.

Bikes and Equipment

eBikes, all cycling gear including the helmets, gloves, lighting, etc will be provided. Based on the group size and the requirement a backup car will be made available.

Its not only eBikes we offer, please take our fleet tour.

You are free to bring your own bikes/ gear as well (different rates may apply)

Safety and Security

Comprehensive guidance on riding bicycles on Sri Lanka s roads will be given prior to the tour starting by a seasoned bicycle rider. This will be included the dos and don’ts and health tips as well on individual needs.

It is the requirement of the rider to ensure that he is fit enough to ride a bicycle and it is required to have prior cycling experience. The tours are largely based on the public motorways, having ridden a bicycle on the public roads is a requirement.


Hotel stays will be based on your / tour-operator preferences.


For a day ride up to 50 km (a very doable with an eBike for an average healthy person, with prior casual riding experience) eMotion base cost will be from XX USD upwards per person, for a group not less than 10 pax, which includes the following.

  • Guide, route, and travel guidance
  • Escort car for your luggage, and for you, in case you need a rest, with no delays to the program.
  • Drinking water refills

Reach us

Mobile / WhatsApp: +94 777 007 139


Or fill in our contact form

Read here if you are new to eBikes.

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