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නිශ්චිත ක්‍රියාමාර්ගයකින් තොරවයි මෑතදී වායු දූෂණය පහත වැටුනේ, ඉතින් ඇතැමුන්ට ඒකෙ වැඩි අගයකුත් නැහැ. ලොක් ඩවුන් වලින් පිරිසිදු වුන නගර ඒ අන්දමින් පවත්වාගැනීම ඉබේම වෙන්නේ නැහැ.


With a pandemic wreaking havoc on daily life globally, many things are changing – including the way people move around. In an effort to help cities define their infrastructure to better support all modes, ITDP has developed a definition for… Continue Reading →

Congestion catching up the cost of War!

If during 1983-2009, the economic cost of the war was astronomical and reduced economic growth, productivity and development, traffic congestion in urban centers in Sri Lanka is the next big killer of the economy and needs to be addressed by policy planners. The more vehicles on the roads (cars, three-wheelers and motorcycles and not buses), the bigger the impact on the economy! Increased, affordable and comfortable public transport is the only answer to the traffic chaos in the city.

Let’s Cycle to Work!

Sri Lanka can do a lot @ a fraction of the cost! Provided the heat, emissions and dust managed well…by way of tree shaded cycling paths, showers at offices, promoting EVs and the likes. And our Governments can do a… Continue Reading →

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