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EV Scheduled/Preventive Service


30 Point Preventive maintenance checklist to ensure that your EV stays in tiptop shape and continues to run that way.

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30 Point Preventive maintenance checklist inclusive of:
  • Driveshafts & suspension
  • Complete brake service (Pads, rotors, calipers, pins – cleaning and lubrication)
  • Mounts & boots
  • Ball joints & tie-rod ends
  • Steering gear & linkage
  • Brake fluid condition status
  • Inverter coolant status
  • 12V Battery scan
  • Charging ports
  • Cabin filter – clean / replace
  • Tire rotation
  • Reduction gear fluid
  • Displays & controls
  • Test drive and more

Above 30 points preventive check which includes a test drive – LKR 3,800.

  • HV/Traction Battery scan & 12V battery scan – LKR 1,800.
  • Electrical system diagnostic scan – LKR 1,850.
  • Consumables (WD40, Detergents, Rubber grease, etc) LKR 600.

The total package, if executed at once – LKR 7,400

More details of our preventive maintenance packages:

Check the main menu for washing and cleaning packages.



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