Pre-Purchase Analysis of any EV


On the lookout for an EV? Found one that seems to be in great condition externally?

Not all second hand EVs are sold equally, and just like ICE vehicles, they may have hidden damages!

We will help you decide which EV on the market is best suited for you, and if you have chosen one, do a full comprehensive test on the respective vehicle. Know well in advance which EV suits you, based on usage, projected usage and ROI.

Our report, conducted and reviewed by professionals, will be useful to EV owners while educating them on their purchase. Everyone drives home happy!

What we check on your potential green car:

  • Technical evaluation of the chosen EV.
  • Battery scan report interpretation
  • Tips on prior and future usage
  • Forecast expenditure and concerns
  • Value – on both market and actual compared to ICE

….and much more!

A unique, detailed 3-page report on the car will be developed, based on every aspect surrounding the internal and the external factors of the car.


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