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Toyota shows bZ4X EV

The world’s largest carmaker previewed its “Beyond Zero” bZ4X, their electric SUV built on its new “e-TNGA” platform at the Shanghai Auto Show today, Monday the 19th.

The compact SUV resembles Rav-4 but is built on an entirely new platform. Hybrid heavyweight Toyota starting to change with the latest debut, seems they felt the heat of the competition and the environment too. By comparison, Volkswagen, Toyota’s main global rival, is betting $29 billion on new battery technology to accelerate its shift to EVs.

However, Toyota was careful enough not to mention the word, Tesla, although VW referred to the EV forerunner many times. Also, there was no reference to the Hydrogen push (seems sidelined) as well!

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in mind

The Japanese automaker says the e-TNGA platform will speed up the deployment of new EVs, reducing development time and allowing different models to be designed in parallel.

Toyota said it plans to become “Carbon Neutral” by 2050. That is to say, the company’s products, as well as their production, will not add carbon dioxide to the Earth. Other car companies, such as General Motors and Mercedes-Benz, too made similar pledges.

70 e models by 2025

Toyota is establishing a full line-up of electrified vehicles, which has worked in reducing carbon emissions, based on the concept of introducing sustainable vehicles practically to the market. The number of electrified models will reach around 70 by 2025, may include PHEV and Hydrogen as well. No detailed information was availabble.

In the establishment of a full line-up of electrified vehicles, Toyota is underway to introduce 15 Battery EVs, including seven Toyota bZ models, by 2025.

A Subaru mix!

Toyota is working together with Subaru Corporation (Subaru) to promote car-making that takes advantage of the strengths of both companies. Toyota hopes to begin worldwide sales of the Toyota bZ4X, a new SUV BEV, by the middle of 2022. No technical data or pricing was not officially made available by Toyota as yet.

Here are the partners of the Toyota EV push:

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