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Killing Tesla Softly?

Goods transport is a bigger part of the mobility problem when it comes to climate change. Way beyond personal transport, Trucks do burn a lot. Seems Mercedes has beaten Tesla with the eActros that has covered more than half a million kilometers on public roads.

The eActros and its dedicated services are a big step for Mercedes-Benz Trucks, towards CO₂-neutral transport.

Mercedes to Series Production!

On June 30, 2021, Mercedes-Benz Trucks celebrated the world premiere of its battery-powered eActros for heavy-duty distribution. With the presentation of the first series-produced electric truck bearing the star logo, Mercedes-Benz Trucks will usher in a new era.

A range of up to 400 kilometres

At the technological heart of the eActros is the drive unit with two integrated electric motors along with a two-speed transmission. Both motors provide for impressive ride comfort and great vehicle dynamics, while the quiet and emission-free electric drive means the truck can also be used for night deliveries and entry into inner cities with driving bans for diesel vehicles.

In both the 18-ton and 25-ton versions, the eActros fulfilled various challenging tasks in a variety of sectors.

Depending on the version, the eActros draws its power from three or four battery packs – each with a capacity of around 105 kWh³. Thanks to a maximum capacity of 420 kWh², a range of up to 400 kilometres¹ is realistic. The eActros can be charged with up to 160 kW: When connected to a regular 400A DC charging station, the three battery packs need a little longer than 1 hour to charge from 20 to 80 percent.

“Thus the eActros is perfectly equipped for its daily operations in distribution transport with regard to availability and performance,” von Wallfeld, Head of Marketing, Sales & Service Said.

Production in Wörth am Rhein

From autumn 2021 the series production model will be produced in Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ largest truck assembly plant in Wörth am Rhein. In recent months intensive preparations have been made for the new production processes there. This includes the construction of a new assembly line. In an initial phase, the series-production model of the eActros will be available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Further markets will follow.

The range was determined internally in optimum conditions, including 4 battery packs after preconditioning in partially loaded distribution traffic without a trailer at 20 °C outside temperature.

Solutions beyond Showdown

Series production and actual usage in fleets are no small feat. The range and the capabilities given are the most fleets and the countries worldwide, given the charging and servicing infrastructure. Tesla is not there yet, eActros will be the winner offering commercial solutions, winning the electrification of the Trucking for now. It is a practical truck, fixing a big block in solving the green transport puzzle.

Tesla Semi, yet to start series production and delivery to external commercial fleets.

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