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India E Bus goes Intercity

  • Buses will operate twice daily between Mumbai and Pune
  • The 43-seater luxury electric bus has a range of 300 kilometer on a single charge
  • Minister Gadkari had earlier said that all buses in India would be converted into electric within a span two years

Minister Nitin Gadkari launched Indias first inter-city electric bus service between Mumbai and Pune. Planning to extend these services in other parts of Maharashtra and adjoining states in the near future.

The 43-seater capacity luxury electric bus is capable of operating within a range of 300 kilometers on a single charge and would be administered twice daily between the two cities.

State government corporations and private operators might order some 10,000 electric buses this year and added that the government was planning to build e-(electric) highways to facilitate the smooth operation of these electric buses.  The new expressway will cut down the travel time between India’s financial capital and the national capital to just 12-13 hours.

Buses in the country would be converted into electricity within two years. Center would not force the automobile industry to switch to cleaner sources of commute, that there was no need to ban petrol and diesel vehicles or make the switch to EVs mandatory.

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