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VW late, Toyota too late

Marketing matters, but it’s interesting to note whilst Tesla bags 1000 s of pre-orders, a 100-year-old brand, Porsche used a traditional customer experience model to sell its Taycan.

Porsche created an EV charging truck that can recharge 10 Porsche Taycan’s at once. They currently have seven of these chargers on wheels that have been used at various “customer driving experiences” and events

On the contrary, Tesla showrooms are virtual, 82% of its Model 3 customers bought with no test drive, and 78% of the sales were online.
Seems the world’s No 1 automaker is falling short in innovation.

Toyota’s fate will be no different, being so late to hit the new energy and new mobility market. They are cash-rich, but Kodak and Nokia were the same at one point!

Toyota and VW need to be more cautious, their problems are not only with marketing.

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