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Leaf 24 kWh Battery

The 24 kWh Leaf battery pack has 48 modules. Each module has 4 cells.
Each module’s cells are in two pairs. Each pair is in parallel. The two pairs are in series.

So, in each Leaf traction battery pack, there are 48 modules in series. In other words 96 pairs in series. The pack has 192 cells in a complex series-parallel network.
The fully charged voltage is 403.2volts with a nominal voltage of 360 volts.


The 24 kWh pack is warranted for 8 years or 100,000 miles in approved destinations. The field-replaceable unit is one of 48 modules. Module voltage is 7.5 volts and is monitored and managed.
The shape, size, and number of cells in each module combined with the design of the enclosure contribute to maintaining safe cell temperatures and cell integrity during a crash.

Not having an active Thermal management system has been criticized by many. But Nissan built an upgraded battery codenamed Lizard with better thermal management for 2013/9 up to the launch of its 30 kWh pack.


The pack costs Nissan $9,000 to produce or $187.50 per module. However, Nissan dealers are selling these battery packs at a subsidized cost of 7,000 USD with a reduction of 1,000 USD for the salvage.
Now third-party companies will have battery packs and modules available for sale from vehicles with varying mileage and varying module condition. Such modules will offer owners alternative replacements at a lower cost depending on the age of the vehicle needing repair.


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