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Best Selling Cars

A car you drive is a symbol of status in most countries. But this phenomenon is fast changing. Pubic transport was the choice of the developed. Pandemic changed this further making Micromobility the preferred mode.

This is an interesting infographic by the insurance company Budget Direct. They visualized the best-selling makes and models of each country along with the end 2019 sales data of Bestsellingcarsbolg.

Key Observations

  • Toyota is the most-sold brand in 41 countries, making it the most-represented manufacturer in the study.
  • Electric vehicles are the top sellers in two countries, thats Tesla Model 3 in Norway and the Netherlands.
  • The top-selling car in the US is the Ford F-150, with 896,526 sales in 2019, also the worlds bet seller.
  • The Hilux is the most represented model in our study, as the top-seller in 16 countries.

Representing Mentality?

Not only as an economic indicator, the graph well visualizes the thinking pattern of the nations. No wonder some models get priority in some destinations being the National cars, there are 17 countries decided as such including Iran.

But countries with equal status for all give classic examples of the Practicality making the social status and the affordability pushing to the latter considerations.

Honda N Box of Japan, Hilux of Thailand, USA, and Australia, are classic examples. However, it’s interesting to dig deep to know what makes Alto the best seller in Sri Lanka, probably the affordability. Yet it’s a reliable car too. But given enough finances, others decided differently. Some examples being Corolla, Smart Fortwo, and Acenta being the best sellers in Israel, Monaco, and Saudi Arabia respectively.

Post-Covid Sales

It is to be noted the world has changed and keeps changing in its purchase decision making. After this analysis, Tesla became the most valuable automaker surpassing Toyota. EV s were surging in sales in China and Europe. Semiconductor shortage too added woes to the global sales.

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