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වාහන අවශ්‍යද?

මෝටර් රථ ආනයනය අත්හිටවල, හේතුව විදේශ විනිමය හිඟය. ඕනෑම ආනයන පාලනයක් විනිමය හිඟයට කෙටිකාලීන විසඳුමක්. නමුත් එයට බලපාන තවත් තත්ත්ව බොහොමයක්.

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6 thoughts on “වාහන අවශ්‍යද?”

  1. A good article and there are a few additional points to be added for this.
    – Link transport with road development strategy (Expressway development still support private users by & large)
    – Role of railway transport and lack of integration with public transport modes
    – Lack of regulation of Uber/ PickMe (Can we trust these companies for their service? If you look at the peak time or rainy time, the charges are doubled or no vehicles for any trip. Noone is to control these similar to BIA taxi)
    – Would LRT or similar projects support as alternative transport modes? How urban dwellers can be attracted to conventional bus services today? Not possible in current set up

  2. Your points are very valid. However this write up is destined to address a particular subject, that is the vehicle import control.
    #1. This has been addressed our proposed framework of National Transport POlicy
    #2. As above
    #3. No major issues on ride-hailing companies now, as for charges. Let the trade grow freely for some time. The congestion charge is to the benefit of drivers, which is needed. BIA taxis are different, and the charges are high in general.
    #4. This needs to be addressed in the national transport policy. BTW, please read our article on LRT.

    Appreciate your feedback.

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