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AMD & Sri Lanka

CEO Lisa Su made AMD 1,300% more valuable in just 5 years, taking its stock to all-time high, Sri Lanka got a lot to learn from her no secret recipe.

The lady took over AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) in 2014 when it was on the brink of bankruptcy losing to all competitors, mainly Intel. She started working on the core competencies with a futuristic vision.

Instead of working on the then-popular microprocessors on mobile telephony and IoT, Lisa started developing powerful processors and chips for Big data Architecture, Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Gaming, focusing on the core DNA of the company.

Semiconductor business is inherently risky. It was a big bet then, but she won in a big way taking the AMD processes to all major players from Microsoft, Sony to Nvidia leaving the key competitor Intel in the dust.

Sri Lanka strategy.

Instead of craving our niche where we can conquer the world, we concentrate within ourselves. We focus more on reviving old factories, traditional farming with no global competency to CTB is making libraries out of old buses. We don’t even focus on energy self-sufficiency.

We got to stop වංසෙ කබල් ගෑම, need realizing globally competitive trades from Tourism, Healthcare to Software. There’s more, we need knowing that we cannot be competitive with the products needing scale but the service innovation and service excellence.
Sad state of affairs, see no vision to thrive.

Here is a link to know why we cannot be a car-producing nation, although many big talk of. Even the other needing scale are having their own problems.

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