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Foldable eBike

Why Foldable E-bikes?

There are many reasons why people prefer foldable e-bikes over others. And there are disadvantages too. Let’s check these out:

Performance and Appearance

For new mobility modes such as foldable ebikes, the majority of the users are adults. However young adults need it to appeal to them in terms of style and performance as well, a foldable e-bike may not be for that. 

Like all other eBikes, foldable ebike too offers different power modes. Its options range from varying power levels to manual mode, to electric mode. This allows different riding modes and also suits your riding requirements. However, be mindful of the terrain as single-speed eBikes are not for steep hills.

Portable and Compact

A foldable ebike has a fast-folding ability and unfolding too. Once folded, it becomes minimal in size and saves you space. Also, it can be folded easily anytime and anywhere. 

You can easily fold it into the trunk of the car before going to work in the event that you need to avoid traffic jams. Foldable mini electric bikes can even be folded into a bag to offer you more convenience, even to transport in public modes.

If you live in a tall building with no elevator, you may find it challenging to carry your ordinary ebike upstairs. You can fold this ebike easily and then carry it upstairs. But this may not be easy for a lady as an eBike with a battery weighing over 20kgs. Not to worry though, folding bikes do also offer easy battery removal nowadays. So you can take the battery up for charging!

Multi-Model Transport Ready

Beating all other mobility modes foldable eBikes facilitate switching between Car, Railway, Bus, Boat etc. This is a greater advantage where the system facilitates, completely eliminating the need for ttaxis and even walking! And quicker too!


Unlike other categories, the cost of getting a foldable electric bike is comparatively lower and affordable in Sri Lanka. However, the price will be the same in most developed countries, for equal-quality stuff.

No License & Registration

Folding e-bikes are not classified as other types of power-assistance transport, motorcycles, or mopeds. They are classified as regular bicycles as much as general laws are concerned. You have all the freedom to ride any foldable e-bike without a license.

Better Theft Prevention

Generally, folding electric bikes, regular electric bikes, and ordinary bikes all have the potential of being stolen. Although for most scenarios, locks, and chains often prevent such from happening. However, even the strongest lock can be easily broken by enterprising bike thieves. 

This is the case for standard e-bikes. They are often bulky, expensive, and can be carried anywhere. Therefore, they are potential targets for bike thieves.

Nonetheless, folding e-bikes allow you to bring your bike along with you everywhere you go without a hitch. It gives you better peace of mind when you can look to your side and realize your bike is right beside you in the office.

Nowadays, space is at a premium rate in most urban apartments. To that end, a folding e-bike will take up less space than other types of electric bikes. Sometimes, they take up to 70% smaller storage space when compared to other bikes.

This allows you to stow away your bike somewhere safe and out of the way when not needed. Additionally, it doesn’t require sacrificing valuable garage, wall space, or floor space.

Easy Handling

e-bikes are often said to be somewhat heavier than conventional bikes. However, folding eBikes are still lightweight compared to other types of ebikes. Additionally, they have a sleek folding structure. With folding e-bikes, you have got yourself one of the most accessible and lightweight e-bikes on the market.

Effortless, Non-sweaty ride

Profuse sweating after a long ride has always been the number one factor stopping people from riding bicycles. Once it’s summertime, nobody wants to get to the office sweating profusely. Most especially if your workplace doesn’t have a shower.

Folding Electric bikes provide motor assistance that helps you minimize your work done on the bike. This also gives you enough time to regain your strength to pedal again allowing for long commutes. This way, riding a folding e-bike keeps you feeling cool and fresh even in the hottest commutes. 

As a matter of fact, you’ll be moving without a struggle at speeds up to 25 km per hour. This also allows you to enjoy the cool breeze against your skin.

Never Say Die!

Like all other eBikes, a folding e-bike too can operate manually. For instance, if you run out of charge, you can easily flex your muscles to ride your bike like a normal bike. 

You will be able to ride a conventional bike until you’re able to charge up and fire into power modes again. This makes folding e-bikes extraordinarily functional. It also gives you the confidence to take more trips on your bike without fear of battery power range.

Avoid traffic

Generally, you shouldn’t neglect traffic rules and try weaving around vehicles – that’s risky. Even for conventional bicycles, it’s very dangerous. Nevertheless, foldable e-bikes can fit perfectly into spaces that other vehicles cannot – such as sidewalks, alleyways, etc. If there is a pressing need, you can use your foldable e-bike to avoid traffic.

However, you should always obey all the traffic rules and regulations to avoid committing crimes. Make sure you pay close attention to all the traffic rules. Always use your surroundings smartly while riding in an urban environment as this can help you avoid traffic completely.

Ease of Maintenance

In spite of being significantly better than conventional bikes, a foldable electric bike doesn’t have any special requirements or treatments. In fact, apart from regular charging of the battery, its maintenance rate is almost the same as that of the ordinary bike.

Saving Gym Time

A folding electric bike gives you the chance to burn calories while going about your daily business. Generally, the main reason most people give for not working out regularly is – lack of time. 

However, with a folding electric bike, this excuse is invalid. You can quickly turn the motor system on and enjoy your ride back home once you’re tired. You get home and you burn calories at the same time.

Myths about folding e-bikes

For every machine, there is a myth behind it; sometimes true, and sometimes false. For folding e-bikes, there are a few myths categorically believed by cyclists around the world. Here we will clear your doubt about folding e-bikes.

Break Easily?

Most people would think they do, but they don’t. Generally, people often make claims that folding e-bikes are less durable. Mostly, this myth is popular because of the part of the bike that folds. 

Some people believe that the joints, and the hinge, are liable to break easily. Here’s the truth. Literally, in every form of machine, device, tool, etc., the joints and hinges are often the weak points. However, bicycle manufacturers are smart. They understand this as much as we do and have appropriate measures to reinforce those points of weakness. 

This prevents any potential problems that may arise. The result is a more classic, solid feel to your folding e-bike. Also, there is a reduction in the load on the hinges and joints to increase durability. Folding e-bikes are capable of lasting longer than some other forms of bikes.


Although the motor system components for the folding e-bikes will inflate the price, yet, it’s very affordable. Unlike other types of electric bikes, such as mountain e-bikes and others, folding e-bikes are very cheap. 

Just like all bikes, before you can decide to purchase any, you have to compare different bikes. You have to consider the strength, design, and other features. 

The right budget for purchasing a new folding e-bike is between the range of $500 and $1000 anywhere in the world. Beyond that, most of the factors that increase the price are aesthetic. Of course, if you can pay for increased aesthetics, go ahead.

Folding E-bikes are slow?

This is wrong! Even without the electric motor system, a foldable e-bike is perfectly capable of outrunning the average conventional bike for speed. 

They are flexible and can reach speeds of up to 25 Kmph manually without the motor-assisted power supply.

With the electric motor system supporting the folding bike, you’re bound to overcome any lagging. With that, we would like to emphasize that the folding e-bike doesn’t suffer any lagging in terms of speed, even without the electric motor system. In fact, if you apply the electric motor system, you’ll go faster than you can imagine on your average conventional bike.

Folding eBikes are not fashionable

Not true. Or maybe the old designs of the ’70s don’t hold up. However, we are sure you’re not going to purchase a folding e-bike from the ’70s! 

Modern folding e-bikes are as fashionable as anything you could want. As a matter of fact, folding e-bikes are famous and are going to be more popular in the coming years! They are comfortable, take up less space, and you can easily carry it along on any public transport or fit it inside your car booth.

Long distance rides?

Foldable eBikes are not built for that purpose. It is advisable to by a standard size eBike to meet with such journeys.

Should I get a folding e-bike?

Yes! You should get one today, if your commute includes other transport modes as well. Folding e-bikes offer a variety of advantages that can improve your riding experience.

Folding electric bikes are becoming more commonplace on trains, buses, office buildings, city streets, and apartment hallways for the right reasons. It’s tough to beat the convenience of having a bike that fits inside a big suitcase.

Folding e-bikes also help reduce the rate of greenhouse emissions by vehicles, thus reducing the carbon footprint amount on our planet. They are also beneficial to your health and physical fitness.

Features and Prices 

Foldable e-bikes are the future. They offer you all of the convenience and ease of movement that you need on the go. Buying one for your transportation needs is certainly a good option.

Here you will get what’s available to purchase to choose the best folding e-bike for your specific needs. Follow the link to know the availability, features, and prices:

Wants to know how eBikes do differ from the rest, read below:

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