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Best time to buy an EV

  • Minimize your Cost of Car Ownership with the luxury of refuelling at home.
  • Over a dozen new or nearly new EVs to select from 4.5 Million to 14M LKR, from Japan, USA, Europe, China & Korea.
  • Range is no big barrier now, go from 250 to 400+ kms, we matched it with price.
  • Not only you get better benefited financially, with an EV you get the real value for your money as you pay only a little on taxes.
  • Add Solar, Zero your cost of refuelling and return your dues to mother earth.

Consumer Reports says this is a great time to buy an emissions-free car. A few examples from, that’s in the USA though.

You can get a low-mileage, 3-year-old Nissan Leaf EV for around $10,000. That’s more than $20,000 off the original sticker price. For about $20,000 USD, you can drive a very low-mileage 2018 Nissan Leaf. For less than $38,000 you can drive a luxury green car, a New Tesla Model 3.

Let’s apply the same to Sri Lanka.

You can buy a 4 year old Leaf Made in Japan with a 100km Range for around LKR 2 M. That’s almost the same as in the USA.

You can get within 1 year LEAF with better features, space and performance over Honda Civic HB & Toyota C-HR for LKR 5 M upwards.

Still less than Civic and C-HR in Sri Lanka whereas UK buyers pay higher than C-HR & CIVIC to own a LEAF. And the Leaf deliver a lower cost of ownership over 5 years.

Nissan Leaf G Grade 2018/19 ~ Made in Japan

You can buy a 2019 Tesla Model 3 for around 13M whereas in the UK buyers are paying 25% more over its rivals Mercedes C 200 and BMW 3 series. Here we are better off.

Electric cars have a lot going for them, aside from being better for the environment. Typically, they have the latest safety technology. Consumer Reports points out that operating costs for electrified cars are lower than their gasoline counterparts. 

More than anything with the luxury of SOLAR, your refueling cost will be zero with the luxury of refuelling at home

And with fewer moving parts, EVs can be more reliable and last longer than similar models with a combustion engine.

If you’re in the market for a new electric, Consumer Reports recommends the Leaf and Tesla’s Model S and Model 3.

Nismo Leaf – Made in Japan

And we say in Sri lanka owning an EV is much less costlier than in every way especially in lower cost per kilometer and depreciation as well.

Here are some of the EVs you can consider buying and its applicable ranges in a single charge.

Let’s not blame the tax system. Get the best value for money & enjoy life, buy an EV NOW!                       

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