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Leaf of GT-R genes

The Nissan LEAF NISMO features a custom tuning computer for more responsive acceleration, custom tires and suspension for improved handling and ride comfort, and stylish exterior and interior design.

The model is based on the new Nissan LEAF, which debuted in October 2017. The new LEAF offers the exhilarating acceleration and environmental performance of a 100% electric powertrain, a dynamic design, and advanced technologies such as e-Pedal and the ProPILOT and ProPILOT Park autonomous driving features.

Bringing in the GT-R genes to Nissan Leaf with Nismo family

Exterior design

The Nissan LEAF NISMO features the characteristic layered double wings of the NISMO road car series, improving downforce without compromising drag coefficient. Signaling the high-performance driving provided by its low center of gravity, the exterior also includes custom 18-inch aluminum wheels that minimize air resistance.

The nine available body colors include the NISMO series’ custom Brilliant Silver (M)*/Super Black two-tone and the Dark Metal Grey (M)/Super Black two-tone. * (M) = metallic

Interior design

The sporty interior appeals to the senses with prominent use of NISMO’s custom red accents, including the three-spoke steering wheel with a red center mark. The instrument panel features a custom carbon-like finish, and the electronic shift has a gun metal chrome finish.

Chassis performance

The Nissan LEAF NISMO’s dedicated 18-inch high-grip tires and custom suspension system provide a comfortable ride and stable handling. Its custom-tuned electric power steering and Intelligent Trace Control (cornering stabilization system) provide high stability and lane-tracing abilities.

Comfortable acceleration

The custom tuning computer in the Nissan LEAF NISMO allows for a delicate but strong acceleration response. This results in comfortable driving on both city streets and winding roads.

Lets ride……drop a comment for deliveries to Sri Lanka

Here is the complete list of features!


  • NISMO dedicated LED hyper daylight
  • Intelligent auto light system (with front wiper interlock, with twilight detection “Omoiyari Light” function)
  • High beam assist
  • NISMO exclusive electric retractable remote control black door mirror with side turn lamp (with key lock interlocking storage function)
  • NISMO dedicated rear fog lamp
  • Anti-glare room mirror
  • Super UV cut green glass <front>
  • UV cut insulation green glass <front door>
  • Privacy glass (with UV-cut insulation) <Rear door, back door>
  • Hot wire rear window (with timer)
  • Front car speed sensing stepless wiper (with mist function)
  • Rear gap type wiper
  • Battery saver (room lamp, head lamp)
  • LED headlamp (high / low beam, with auto levelizer, with signature lamp)
  • Back view monitor (with color, car width / distance / expected track display function)
  • High brightness LED rear combination lamp


  • NISMO exclusive leather, Alcantara (R) winding 3-spoke steering wheel (with red center mark, red stitching, gunmetal chrome decoration)
  • Steering switch (meter / display control, cruise control, audio, hands-free phone)
  • NISMO dedicated electronic shift (B range, with Gunmetachrome decoration)
  • NISMO exclusive combination meter (with NISMO logo, with Gunmetachrome decoration)
  • NISMO exclusive red finisher (air conditioner outlet, power switch)
  • NISMO emblem <Center cluster>
  • Foot-operated parking brake (foot-release type)
  • Power switch (with switch illumination)
  • Cruise control
  • Glove box (with damper and lighting)
  • e-Pedal
  • Advanced drive assist display (7-inch color display) (with driving computer, clock, outside temperature display)
  • USB power socket <1 front seat>
  • NISMO dedicated vehicle speed sensitive electric power steering
  • Tilt steering
  • Central door lock (back door interlock)
  • Comfort flasher
  • Sun visor (driver’s seat: vanity mirror, with ticket holder, passenger seat: with vanity mirror)
  • Power window (all seats: waterproof type, driver’s seat: one-touch, operation after key-off, with anti-pinch mechanism)
  • Cruising range display
  • Plug-in indicator
  • Battery fuel gauge / capacity meter / thermometer
  • Output limit indicator
  • Power meter
  • Eco indicator
  • Liquid crystal odd twin trip meter
  • Shift position indicator
  • Outside temperature thermometer
  • Half door warning light
  • Forgetting to turn off the headlamp
  • Key forget alarm
  • Parking brake return forget alarm
  • Power window switch lighting <driver’s seat>
  • Room lamp
  • Key interlocking room lighting system
  • Power socket (DC12V)
  • Front / rear door pocket (with bottle holder)
  • Intelligent key (driver’s seat / passenger seat / back door / charging port lid opener, charging connector unlock function, operation confirmation function, 2 keys)
  • Cup holder <2 front>


  • NISMO exclusive seat and door trim cloth (red & gray twin stitch)
  • Front seat quick comfort seat with heater
  • Seat back pocket <driver’s seat / passenger seat>
  • Rear retractable seat (6: 4 split)
  • Piano-like black finisher <Center cluster, center console, power window switch base>
  • NISMO carbon finisher (instrument panel)
  • Driver’s seat lifter (Ratchet type)
  • Vertically adjustable headrest <driver’s seat, passenger seat>
  • Headrest (3 rear seats)
  • Assist grip <Driver seat / Passenger seat / Rear seat with damper>
  • Luggage room lamp
  • Charging cable storage net (with cable storage bag)


  • Heat pump system (power-saving heating system)
  • PTC element heater (5kW)
  • Clean filter (with deodorizing function)
  • Fully automatic air conditioner (push type, navigation screen display)


  • Timer air conditioner
  • Remote charging
  • Timer charging
  • In-vehicle communication unit for NissanConnect (TCU [Telematics Control Unit])
  • 4 speakers
  • Glass antenna (for digital terrestrial)
  • Roof antenna (foldable)
  • NissanConnect navigation system for EV (built-in terrestrial digital) (7-inch wide display, hands-free phone, VICS [FM multiplex], voice command, Bluetooth (R) compatible, DVD / CD playback function, Apple CarPlay (TM), Android Auto, USB Connection, iPod (R) compatible, AM / FM radio, AUX terminal)
  • Air conditioner before boarding (remote)
  • ETC unit (built-in type)


  • NISMO exclusive front grille
  • NISMO exclusive front bumper
  • NISMO exclusive rear bumper
  • NISMO exclusive side sill protector
  • NISMO exclusive exterior NISMO exclusive emblem <front and rear>
  • Rear roof spoiler
  • Tire emergency repair kit (no spare tire)
  • Plated outside door handle
  • Normal charging port (with charging connector lock mechanism), quick charging port, charging port light
  • Charging cable (with control box, for 200V 7.5m)


  • 3kW ordinary charger (for in-vehicle use)
  • NISMO exclusive suspension (shock absorber)
  • NISMO dedicated tuning computer (VCM)
  • NISMO dedicated electric control brake
  • Stabilizer <front, rear>
  • Front ventilated disc brake
  • Rear ventilated disc brake
  • Regenerative brake


  • LDW (lane departure warning)
  • NISMO dedicated VDC (vehicle dynamics control (including TCS function))
  • NISMO exclusive ABS (anti-lock brake system)
  • EBD (Electronically controlled braking force distribution system)
  • Hill start assist
  • No entry sign detection
  • NISMO Intelligent Trace Control (Cornering Stability Improvement System)
  • 3-point seat belt with ELR for all seats
  • Double pretensioner seatbelt with driver stage 2 stage load limiter
  • Pretensioner seat belt with passenger stage 2-stage road limiter
  • Warning light and warning sound when the front seat belt is not worn (seat belt reminder)
  • Front seat vertical adjustable seat belt anchor
  • Pretensioner seat belt with load limiter <Rear seat left and right>
  • ISO FIX child seat anchors <Rear seat left and right 2 seats>
  • Brake assist
  • Intelligent ride control (body vibration suppression system)
  • Brake pedal retraction suppression mechanism
  • LED high-mount stop lamp
  • Immobilizer (Product approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
  • Vehicle approach notification device
  • Child safety door lock
  • Airbag deployment interlock hazard lamp
  • Intelligent emergency brake
  • SRS airbag system <front seat>
  • SRS side airbag system <front seat>
  • SRS curtain airbag system

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