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Game changer out, EVs in!

The Toyota Prius Hybrid has been on sale in Germany for almost 20 years, two decades of continuous success in the German market that has ended because the brand has decided to remove it from the offer.

Although it will continue to be on offer in other markets, the truth is that the firm points out that it will bet more on pure electricity, almost the main argument for the withdrawal.

For now, it is a withdrawal through the back door only in Germany, but although the manufacturer has pointed out that it refers to this market, they can follow more. Toyota’s division in the Teutonic country has retired the Prius Hybrid in sedan format and in a few months it is expected that the more familiar, Prius +, will also do so.

The decision is motivated by different causes. The first is that the firm wants to seriously bet on electric, as the first option, and plug-in hybrids as the second. But the truth is that the sales factors in this Teutonic territory are also hidden behind the decision, so that of the 20,000 plug-in hybrid units sold last June, those of the Prius Hybrid barely reached two dozen when, in the same period last year, they were 268.

German customers prefer the new hybrid Corolla for being more practical than the Prius
It is true that the sustainable mobility model has become a success among taxis, with peaks of 40,000 units per year in the best years of sales, but there is a problem that also causes these commercial disasters and that brands try to go through. high and avoid, knowing that it is not possible, and is “cannibalism. “

At Toyota, the hybrid offering comprises four models that are well received by customers, with the Corolla, C-HR , RAV4, and the outgoing generation Yaris. Between the four, they have reaped sales of 2,700 units sold in June, and accumulating a total of 18,000 since the year 2020 opened, which gives an idea of ​​the fierce internal competition and customer preferences

There is even one more factor that Toyota Germany knows and that has been one of those that have played against this variant of the Prius, and that is its design. Although it is very efficient in aerodynamics, it is not so efficient in practicality, since the preferences when buying a car of the Germans value the tailgate very positively, with a compact five-door having more possibilities than the Japanese sedan.

Source: MOTOR.ES

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