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Selling an EV?

We have been talking about how to buy EV s in several instances. Knowing your own needs for now and at least for the next couple of years ahead is equally important as knowing the EV you earmarked.

Not only for EV’s this is equally important when buying ICE, especially in the times where the pricing is unjustifiable on most cars. This is a key consideration of ours when we analyze and advise the prospects prior to making their buying decisions.

What about selling?

This is high time to sell atop buying, especially in the local context. Analyzing your decision to be fact-based, and highly subjective based on the mobility needs, ride quality concerns, social status, disposable cash, cost of capital, and even state of mind amidst several others!

However this is not about the disposal decision making, but to advise EV owners of preparing the EV for sale.

EV Evaluation

We evaluate EV s on 17 different parameters on a 100 point marking scheme. But the important thing is that we do not evaluate all parameters with equal weightage. As an example, the point weightage on the battery is 30% and the tires take only 2% of the overall 100 points.

Above is a graphical representation of a sample EV, a Nissan Leaf. This EV attracted 77 points off our 100 point scale (77/100).

A good evaluator can identify any lemon.

Gain better resale value

Make it genuine, whatever you do will not have any value at the point of reselling since nothing is undiscoverable. Here are a few tips.

  • Never alter the odometer.
  • Do not reset the battery bars for selling purposes.
  • Maintain the service records.
  • Retain the 6-month traction battery scan soft copies.
  • Keep the traction battery unopened, with original seals intact.
  • Changing battery, pair it unopened. Keep the original odometer reading of the car. Keep original cycle count of the new. Retain a record of leaf spy SS just after the replacement, and in 6-month intervals.
  • Keep the registration book in your name, the number of owners has no much of a value.

It is to be noted a 2014 Leaf G with all the above parameters with 9 capacity bars is fetching over LKR 2.2 million as of today (pricing of Feb 2021).

Similarly, a genuine Leaf with just two red bars gets sold in the range of 1.2 M with just 30 kilometers of range. These are fair deals, both the buyer and seller win in these cases.

Good time to renew

It’s high time to renew your ride but take that decision wisely based on your own needs and market parameters. Follow our buying guides as well when you come to that point.

What matters most is genuineness!

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