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Toyota – Beyond Zero?

Lexus plans to display the LF-Z Electrified Concept and hold the world premiere of the new Lexus ES at Auto Shanghai 2021, which opens on April 19 in Shanghai, China. In the run-up to the ES reveal, Lexus has disclosed part of the new model’s styling.

Also, Lexus International President/Chief Branding Officer Koji Sato plans to virtually attend a press conference scheduled to be held at the show on April 19 to issue a message about Lexus’s electrification initiatives and unveil the new ES, Toyota said.

Our take

Great if the lagging giant Toyota enters the commercial electrification by 2021. They killed their own RAV4 EV for profitability/economic or simply reasons unknown to the public. Tesla learned from it and now challenging Toyota’s future. Even Toyota’s hydrogen push seems created to extend the ICE age.

Toyota’s ICE-based ecosystem from parts outsourcing and dealership model needs continuous cashflows, throughout a car’s life along with after-sales.

Some media says Toyota’s new EV push will be named BZ (Beyond Zero). Ironically BZ was one of Toyota’s aged truck platforms of 1950’s. No official communique found on Beyond Zero BZ from Toyota anyways.

EV-specific makers like Tesla have changed the auto ecosystems, it’s a tough ask for Toyota unless they develop a differing channel. They are the richest, but they too failed at times. Toyota s failed F1 project says money cannot deliver it all, although they had the largest budget of an F1 team then.

We wish LF-Z Electrified is not another hoodwinking reveal, talking of 2025 and beyond. Toyota used to do it all this time, milking the ICE cow!

But, still it is a bumpy road ahead for Toyota anyways…read;

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