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Waking from Hibernation

Lockdowns are common and may come more often if we are unlucky. It’s no good to sit idle especially in high ambient temperatures.

Tips in waking up!

If the car is not getting switched on, the culprit could be the 12V battery. Charge the car on Sunday night as needed (if you start on Monday), to give life back to 12V, which gets charged from your traction battery.

If you feel the wheels are locked don’t be afraid, that happens in damp weather storage.
Try back and forth movement a few times. If the problem doesn’t resolve, Jack up the tires one by one, hammer it carefully or shake it with your hands.

Call a qualified repair person should you need a further opinion. If you observed anything like this it is advisable to unscrew the wheel nuts and see whether you can remove the tire as well, to avoid any roadside issues.
But most of the EV s are not relying on spare time that too will not be a big issue.

Don’t forget to check your tyre inflation, which should be between 37 and 40 PSI.

Once you start running ensure your average SOC to maintain around 40%.

Following link will give you the EV battery charging tips, in case if you missed!


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